Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jewish-Christian Dialogue

While googling around for the name Shiloh, I came across a Christian site that discussed the events of Shiloh and I sent out this message:-

As I live in Shiloh, the original Shiloh in Israel, I am happy to see you discussing spiritual concepts related to the site of the Tabernacle.

And I received a reply:-

It's amazing how deep the Scriptures are with all these references and types foreshadowing Christ.

To which I answered:-

or another

Which elicited this reaction:-

None can compare to Christ

So, I wrote back:-

well, if you mean that as a generic term or as a translation for Messiah, I'm in agreement.

And then Troy insisted:-

No it is not a generic term. Jesus is a real person and God as proven.

The moment had come. I had to be blunt:-

As I am Jewish, I respect your religious beliefs but they are not mine.
As Hannah already prayed here at Shiloh, "There is none holy as the LORD, for there is none beside Thee; neither is there any rock like our God." I Samuel 2:2.

That didn't sit too well with Troy who responded:-

Then you are going to hell. The LORD in 1 Sam. 2.2 therefore, effectively is not the one you worship, for you reject Him who is your sacrifice to atone for your sins (Is. 53). God gave Himself for you, and you reject this mercy through His only begotten Son-the suffering servant!

I attempted to be moderate:-

I really thought we were having a decent theological conversation. Please, don't threaten me with hell. After all that has been done in the name of a nice Jewish boy from Judea to the Jewish people over the past two millenia, I don't think any Christian today has any right to threaten a Jew with hell.
You need not reply.

It didn't help:-

I am not threatening you with hell but imparting to you the fact of the Scriptures what is going to happen to you. If you are a Jew or from any other nation that calls Jesus a liar, you are going to hell. That is why I am convinced you're going to hell. I am just being honest with you by the evidence God has provided. You don't have to reply. Just give your life to Christ to be saved. There is no other way to the Father except through Christ. My prayers go out to you.

I stopped the "dialogue" at that point.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could apologize for this 'christian' and have it mean something. In my heart, I don't believe that the attitude expressed by this individual is universal among christian zionists.

YMedad said...

No problem.

I've had worse, much worse, encounters.

The Tower Keeper said...

Amazing religious ignorance cannot be completely claimed as the exclusive property of any one religion, but the amazing twisting of scripture by many Christians to support their warped since of religious truth is only getting worse as time goes on. As a Christian myself, I can only ask that you don't judge all Christians based on the idiocy of a few. One of the most oft forgotten verses of the New Testament is, "judge not, lest you be judged." Telling someone that they are going to hell, whatever your beliefs, is tantamount to speaking for God. And as far as I know, God only speaks to me through his word, not the mouth of ignorant rabble who aren't versed enough in the scriptures to have a civil debate of their meaning.

YMedad said...

As I appear regularly on Prophecy Today and other Christian Zionist outlets, I am well aware that the vast majority of those who truly understand Scripture know that there is a coexistence that needs to be pursued in the light of religiously based ethical conduct that will make all men better, in the first phase, toward their fellow man. You can't skip to G-d by ignoring his most amazing creation - Man.