Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bishara's "Brothers"

The ad below reads "Azmi Bishara - We Are Brethren".

Steve Plaut has written of his allies-

When Bishara was elected to the Knesset as head of an Arab fascist party, Israel's moonbats were demanding that he sit on the Knesset intelligence committee. I guess they wanted to make it easier for him to spy for his terrorist friends. Instead, he was put on the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee and the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on Wiretapping (I guess whoever assigned him had a sense of humor).

Bishara is a longtime Stalinist. That is probably why the anti-Israel Van Leer Institute in Jerualem recruited him for their board. The New Israel Fund in the US tried to bring Bishara to the Smithsonian as the official representative of Israel for Israel's 50th independence events in 1998. Bishara represents the kind of "New Israel" that the New Israel Fund seeks to create.

Bishara is a walking advertisement for why Israel should have capital punishment for treason, for both Jewish and Arab traitors. The only problem with the idea is that there would be such a long line of those waiting their turns for its application.

(unfortunately, when he sends out his postings as an e-mail, he doesn't attach his own blog's URL, so I had togo and find it)

Well, the ad identifies his "brothers" as

Anat Biletzki
Lola Horowitz
Cham Hanegbi
Mikado Warshawski
Eran Turbiner
Yael Lotan
Rami Livneh
Debbie Lerman
Chava Lerman
Tzachi Mitznamcher
Leah Tsemel
Sammi Shalom Shitreet

Anyone with a bit of knowledge of Israel's far-left, and radical anti-Zionist Left is aware of the long list of crimes these people have committed in the moral sense against Israel and some, in the actual criminal-sitting-in-jail sense, not to mention defending terrorists.

In yesterday's Haaretz (in Hebrew), there's a letter (third one down) signed by Professor Yehudah Elkanah, of Mapam roots, who wrote the first academic history of HaShomer HaTzair, calling Bishara a "proud Palestinian" and while he didn't think it prudent to travel to Syria, he can't conceive of Bishara being a spy.

Oh, well. Israel, they say, is a democracy.

Anat Biletski
Born in Jerusalem in 1952, Professor Anat Biletzki spent much of her childhood and schooling (elementary and high school) in the United States and Canada. Her
university degrees were acquired at Tel Aviv University in Israel, in Political Science and Philosophy. Her Master’s thesis was on Aristotle’s logic and
determinism; her PhD. Dissertation on the history of the philosophy of language.
Outside academia Biletzki has been active in the peace movement and in several
human rights projects in Israel for over 25 years. During the first intifada she was one of the founders (and in charge of communications) of the peace movement “The
Twenty-First Year” – a group devoted to promoting civil objection to the occupation.
In those same years she also worked with the Beta Committee, which attempted to
coordinate rehabilitation efforts for the West Bank village, Beta. In 1997-1998
Biletzki helped establish the human rights movement “Open Doors” which worked on
liberating Palestinian administrative detainees in Israel – especially 11 detainees who had been incarcerated, without trial or due process, for over five years. (Within a year almost all the administrative detainees were released.) Since 1996 Biletzki has been active as one of the leaders of Hacampus Lo Shotek – The Campus Is Not Silent – the most vociferous and influential campus group, made up of faculty and students at Tel Aviv University (recently branching out to other Israeli universities), which runs campus events dedicated to ending the occupation and ensuring a just peace. She is presently chairperson of the board of B’Tselem - the Israeli Information center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

Haim Hanegbi
Haim Hanegbi, a journalist for the Maariv daily. He was a central activist in the Matzpen group, one of the founders of the Progressive List, a partner in the leadership of the Gush Shalom peace movement. He is a co-author (with Moshe Machover, and Akiva Orr) of the widely-cited article ’The Class Nature of Israeli Society,’ in the New Left Review (NLR I/65, January-February 1971). He is also an endorser of the June 2004 "The Olga Document". He lives in Ramat Aviv.

Michael Mikado Warschawsky
Michel 'Mikado' Warshawsky is the co-founder and director of The Alternative Information Centre, which publishes News from Within -- a progressive alternative to the mainstream Israeli media. He is also one of the founders of Yesh Gvul, a movement that started in 1982 when Israeli soldiers refused to serve in the war against Lebanon. Mikado himself was jailed twice for refusing to serve in Lebanon and the Occupied Territories. In 1989, he was again imprisoned for "giving printing services to a forbidden association" -- more specifically, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Born in France in 1949 into an orthodox Jewish family, the young Warshawski went to Jerusalem in 1966 to study theology. Soon after arriving in Israel, he was faced with the reality of belonging to a colonialist nation.

Two years later, while a student at the Hebrew University, he joined the only Israeli anti-Zionist movement -- Matzpen, which gained notoriety in the '60s and early '70s for being the only political tendency in Israel to support the creation of a democratic bi-national state in Palestine.

Eran Turbiner
Journalist, film producer, Matzpen

Yale Lotan

Rami Livneh
Revolutionary Communist Alliance leader; sentenced to ten years' in jail

Debbie Lerman
member of Women In Black and Women And Peace

Chava Lerman
feminist peace activist

Lea Tsemel
an anti-Zionist Jewish human rights lawyer who has represented Palestinians accused of violence in Israel

Sammi Sheetrit
president of the Federation of Moroccan Jews


wolfline said...

Very well done, sir! Thank you!
It's good to know who one's friends and mainly enemies are!

Anonymous said...

I believe Haim Henegbi also came out of Matzpen.

YMedad said...

of course, there are so many other biographical facts I could add. Haim and I are acquaintances. He keeps trying to give away the Jewish property of Hebron as his grandfather was Rabbi Franko, if I recall.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

Yehuda Elkana was a radical anti-Zionist extremist who was buddies with Ilan Pappe. He was pres of the Soros-funded Central European University before moving to Berlin and having the good grace to croak there.

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