Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tear Gas in the Shiloh Valley (Updated)

This is the eastern section of the Shiloh Valley, the light north-west line at the right of the picture being the Allon Road:

The green encircled area, in Area B, is where a new construction project is planned and where earthworks have already begun, promoted by Tabo Company.

This project represents a real security theat to several small communities such as Avichai and Adei Ad.

Here are some illustration of the short distances between the various sites:

a) one kilometer from Adei Ad

b) also one kilometer to Avichai

c) almost 2 kilometers to Shevut Rachel

And to illustrate the height difference, here are some screen snaps from an Arab news program I downloaded:

a) Amichai

b) Shiloh

c) Achiyah and Amichai and encircled is a Jewish protest encampment

There was a violent demo by Arabs today which they defined as a protest of

the expansion of the outpost "Adi Ad" on the lands of the towns of "Turmus'ayya, Abu Falah, al-Mughayer."
Just backwards (an Arabic-language report from Sept. 22).

A pic

Were Jewish residents involved.

No, they were just observing.

More visuals here.

Will try to keep you updated.

P.S. In Hebrew (in the meantime).



TABO, the Arab construction company, sees all of Israel as Palestine:

and at their Facebook account, that post reads:

On Immortal Earth day.. March 30

Share with us your native town in Palestine..

More of the political, onApril 17, 2018:

في يوم الأسير الفلسطيني .. الحرية لكل أسرانا البواسل في السجون الاسرائيلية
On the day of Palestinian prisoner.. Freedom for all brave Palestinians in Israeli prisons

Another one is here.

More, illustrating the company's ideological and political puposes, and of wiping Israel off the face of the map

في يوم الأرض ..

تملك أرض في بلادك .. وحافظ على ميراث أجدادك..
On Earth day..

Own land in your country.. and preserve the inheritance of your grandparents..

Here's a view of Shiloh from Turmos Aya

and a view from the new construction site at the south-east corner of Shiloh Valley


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